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CLEAR EMU OIL, 100% Pure, Fully Refined, Organic, Lightweight Natural Moisturizer for Skin and Hair (with Pump)


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100% Pure, Fully Refined, Organic, Lightweight Natural Moisturizer for Skin and Hair

Ultra Clear Emu Oil, a naturally lightweight oil, is extremely rich in essential fatty acids, and known for its remarkably high anti-inflammatory effect.




Ultra Clear Emu Oil is as emollient and lush as Emu Oil, but contains a little something extra…superior anti-inflammatory benefits and speedy absorption. Condition your skin while massaging this oil onto your stiff, achy joints and promote healthy hair growth by applying it your scalp.

100% Pure. Fully Refined. Filtered. Organic. Natural. Lightweight. Easily absorbed. Paraben-free. Sulfate-free. Colorant-free. Preservative-free. Not tested on animals. Additive-free. Imported from Australia. Bottled in the USA.

Origin Story

Emu oil has been prized for centuries by the Australian Aboriginals. While the emu is native to Australia, it is raised all over the world, including in the US.

The Process

Emu Oil is harvested from the adipose tissue of the emu through a process identical to food processing techniques. It contains high levels of essential fatty acids that match closely the human body’s own.

Difference between regular and clear emu oil

Clear emu oil has gone through filtration process to remove the solid portion of the oil. The resulting clear oil has more oleic and linoleic acids and less palmitic and stearic acids. Due to its essential fatty acid composition, clear emu oil has higher anti-inflammatory effect. It also has a lighter feel and it absorbs quickly.

Additional information

Weight8 oz

16oz/BPA-free plastic bottle/Pump/Flip Cap, 4oz/Glass bottle/Pump/Dropper, 8oz/BPA-free plastic bottle/Pump/Flip Cap

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